We are based in Belgium, West-Flanders and Antwerp. You can pick up the animal at our homes if you are close enough.
If you are from the US, animals are shipped with Colubra or sometimes DDI, we do prefer Colubra as they are communicative (in our experience). We have had good experiences with them and they are also based in Belgium. With Colubra we drop off the animals at their facility ourselves to prevent any issues. Animals that are dropped off at their facility will be in good condition.
If we think for any reason an animal is not in condition to be shipped, they won’t be shipped until we think it is in the right condition to be shipped. Health of the animal ALWAYS comes first.

Refunds and payment

Refunds will not be issued, the amount can be spent to other animals in our store (or future animals in our store). We only accept PayPal and cash on local pickup. We don’t offer payment plans, all animals should be paid in full.
We don’t ship animals to people under 18, we do sell them to minors if we can see them in person. We need to be sure you can care for the animal and know the animal gets a good home.

Issues with an animal

We do guarantee live arrival with adjacent countries (France, The Netherlands, Germany), other countries are not guaranteed.
Make sure you are home when the animal arrives, don’t let the animal be shipped without someone home. When the animals arrive, check them out for any possible health issues and or injuries within the next 24 hours.

We are not responsible for the following issues caused by poor husbandry, such as:

  • Tail Drops

  • Overheating

  • Dehydration

  • Starvation

  • Constantly wet environment

  • Escaped animals


Contact us on Messenger or Instagram if there is any problem!

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